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B2C delivery for your online store from Europe, USA and Asia
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10 years
6 mln
14 000+
of expertise
in international logistics
Parcels delivered in 2020
Last Mile
delivery options
Pick-up Points and Parcel Lockers all across Russia
A variety of data exchange methods: API, Magento, ShippyPro, Consignor, XLS - choose whichever suits you best
Dedicated International Customer service team will help your customers in case they need it
Our managers speak Russian, English, Italian, Korean, and understand their regions specificities
We take care of customs clearance
and personal data operation - Boxberry is an official personal data operator
10 years
100 500
14 000+
Ship From
A Warehouse
In Your Country
6 warehouses in the USA,
the UK, Finland, Italy, Germany and South Korea
3 Last Mile Options
Pick-up Point
Home delivery
Parcel Locker
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Courier delivery
Parcel Locker
Pick-up Point
Central sorting hub in Moscow
Boxberry International warehouse
in your country
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We take care of the linehaul at this point - we preapre everything that is needed to deliver your shipments from the country of origin to the country of destination.
Customs Clearance Expertise
Parcels are operated in 36-48 hours after landing in Moscow
We ensure smooth customs clearance process:
We prepare all required paperwork for customs.
If the customer does not provide the correct personal data or any additional details are requested by the customs, our dedicated Customer Support center notifies the customer and gets the missing info.
We inform the customer if their parcel exceeds tax-free limit and help to pay the import tax.
Personal data* is collected through customer's personal account on boxberry.ru website and stored for further cross-border orders. We collect and store your customers' personal data via secure channels in accordance with local laws.
Personal data (including passport data and scans and TIN) is needed for customs clearance in Russia according to the local laws. Boxberry is an official personal data operator - Roskomnadzor registration number is 77-19-016307.
Box.Market - Enter Russian Marketplaces
Russian marketplaces can be a valuable addition to your existing sales channels
40 mln
Monthly active users
We'll take care of everything you need to enter Russian marketplaces:
Analyse SKUs to prospect the most successful items on Russian market
Support with promotion and sales
Translate product listings
Provide end-to-end logistics
Start selling on the Russian marketplaces now
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How can I send my parcels for delivery?
You can send the parcels to our warehouse closest to you. We can take care of the First Mile, or you can arrange it on your side.
What can I ship to Russia?
Basically anything. We ship B2C a wide range of goods, however, there are some limitations in case with goods that need to be sertified to be sold in Russia. Our Business Development managers will be glad to help you in case you need more detailed information - contact st@boxberry.ru.
Do you ship to Ukraine and Kazakhstan?
Yes, we do! Contact our Business Development managers at st@boxberry.ru to get more information.
How do you collect personal data?
We collect your customers' personal data via secure channels. Personal data is needed for customs clearance in Russia according to local customs legislation. Boxberry is an official personal data operator (license number in Roskomnadzor is 77-19-016307).